How to enlarge a teenager's penis - safe and effective methods

Adolescence is a period when a person begins to pay attention to his body and its shortcomings.

Puberty in boys begins at the age of 12-13, in the interval up to 20 years a guy can watch how his penis grows.

An important stage in the life of every man

problems with penis size in adolescence

In addition to an increase in the size of the genitals, other important hormonal changes occur:

  • increased hair growth in the groin area and on the face;
  • rounding of the scrotum;
  • change in the length and thickness of the penis;
  • foreskin formation.

Development in this form is an important process. Parents should keep track of such changes.

If a teenager does not have hair or his voice does not "break", then we are talking about a hormonal failure, testosterone is produced in insufficient quantities. Ignoring the problem is fraught with pathological problems in the future.

The norms of the thickness and length of the penis in a teenager

The size of the penis in the stronger sex in adulthood can be different. At a young age, the length and width of the penis is approximately the same in all children. The average data of a penis during an erection is equal to the following indicators (length, diameter, data are indicated in centimeters):

norms for the thickness and length of a penis in a teenager
  • 12 years old - 10-11 and 7. 5;
  • 13-14 years old - 12-14, 8. 5-10. 5;
  • 15-16 years old - 15-17, 11-12.

At seventeen, adolescents may notice that the organ becomes shorter by 0. 5-1. 2 cm.This is due to the increase in diameter. Many experts believe that at the age of 17-19 years, you can still influence the size of the penis.

What affects the size of the penis in adolescents

The sizes are influenced by various factors:

  1. Genetics- it is laid in the womb. If the child's father is not a sexual giant, then the boy should not have a significant apparatus in shorts.
  2. ecology negatively affects penis growthEcology- according to statistics, guys who live near factories and factories that emit harmful chemical components into the atmosphere have a penis size that is 0. 5-3 cm smaller than boys who live in the south and other environmentally friendly areas.
  3. Injury in the groin area- this may not manifest itself in any way while the child goes to the garden, everything becomes noticeable during puberty.
  4. Diseases of the endocrine system- in this case, a teenager needs to choose the right treatment in order to avoid problems in the field of men's health in the future.
  5. Growth– Tall boys may have a longer penis, but a smaller diameter. In adolescents who are not higher than 163, the penis is thick and short.
  6. healthy food for penis growthHealthy nutrition - the diet of a young representative of the stronger sex should be complete. The lack of a product will affect the overall physical development of the child and his reproductive organs.
  7. Bad habits- unfortunately, the abuse of smoking and alcohol will necessarily affect the growth of the penis. If a boy starts smoking at 14 years old, then at 17 years old he can see that the penis is 0. 7-2. 5 cm smaller than the average size.
consultation with a doctor about penis enlargement

Experts believe that parents are obliged to monitor how the body of a teenager develops.Little boys should be regularly taken to the surgeon, who will detect the pathology in a timely manner.

The sooner a problem is detected, the higher the likelihood that in the future the guy will not encounter problems such as penis dysfunction or sexual complexes.

How to enlarge a teenager's penis: popular ways

Pharmaceutical companies are actively promoting products that allow you to increase the penis by 2-4 cm. The diameter can also be adjusted. Of course, these drugs are temporary.

Under natural conditions, the penis grows only until the age of 21. This fact has been established, if you do not additionally act on the organ with drugs or do exercises, then you can not hope that an apparatus will appear in shorts, like a star of an adult movie. Representatives of this profession like to use gels and various sprays that increase blood flow in the groin area and due to this there is an increase in the penis. At a young age, such experiments are prohibited.

Teenagers can lengthen the penis with the following procedures:

  • pumps operating due to pressure difference;
  • penis pumpextenders are popular devices that appeared in ancient times. Of course, at that time they looked simple, but the essence remained - due to forced stretching, elongation occurs;
  • physical exercises - there are trainings that allow you to adjust the dimensions of the genitals;
  • masturbation is a controversial method, as sexologists believe that in adolescence, self-satisfaction can result in problems in the future. This method is suitable for men who regularly have sexual contact with women.

You can increase the penis in adolescence using these techniques by 0. 5-3 cm. Sometimes this distance is not enough for men to feel like real supermen in the bedroom.

Extender and pumps

doctor's prescription for penis enlargement

A teenager does not need to think much about the small size of the penis. Of course, if the penis is smaller than average, then you need to go to a specialist. From the age of seventeen, you can take some methods that will allow you to feel confident in fasting with a lady in the future.

An extender is a device that enlarges an organ by stretching its tissues.If you wear it regularly, you can provoke the multiplication of skin cells, this contributes to stretching in length and width.

The device is attached daily for 6-8 hours, you will even have to walk with it in public places. To hide the system, you will need to wear wide trousers and underwear. The result will be noticeable after a month of use. The skin of young people is more adapted to stretching.

overview of vacuum pumps for penis enlargement

Pumps give temporary results. But experts say that prolonged use will certainly provoke an increase in length and width.

  • In adolescence, the skin is prone to rapid regeneration, due to this it is easily stretched.
  • If you start using the pump at the age of 18, then the penis will become 2-3 cm larger. Use the device carefully, injuries appear in every fifth case.

Massages and exercises

penis massage for enlargement

The sexual organ of a teenager can be enlarged with the help of training. Regular stretching of the penis will lead to a lengthening of 3-5 cm. If you massage the penis every day during an erection, the result will become noticeable in a month. The movement is done from the bottom up - you need to strenuously hold your hand from the base to the head. Experts say that this action is a little painful.

Jelqing is an ancient technology that allows you to increase the length of the penis. Pulling the penis with the help of weights should be done every day for 40-65 minutes. If you spend less time, then there will be no result.

  • The exercise is done on a member that is in an unexcited state.
  • If the organ is overloaded, then there may be problems with rupture of tissues or blood vessels. At a young age, injuries occur due to inexperience and excessive tension.

But what about operations?

Surgical private clinics are increasingly advertising services for a quick way to increase the penis. Of course, teenagers should choose safe methods for organ correction - extender and massage.

Surgical interventions will not be done to guys who do not suffer from pathologies and obvious defects that require complex manipulations with a scalpel.Even at the request of the parents, such operations are not carried out at the request of the patient alone. The doctor will tell you in detail what the norm is and how many centimeters are in the normal sexual organ of a teenager.

penis enlargement pills

You can also advise guys to take vitamins and monitor nutrition. Abuse of bad habits is a sure way to poor health and a smaller penis. Parents should support the child in every possible way in order to prevent serious problems. You need to urgently contact a specialist if the penis does not grow and the following symptoms are present:

  • the guy has narrow shoulders and a wide pelvis;
  • the boy has no erection;
  • a teenager is obese;
  • testicles are small.

If you carefully monitor your health and not be afraid to go to the doctors, you can correct many defects that are detected precisely in adolescence. A small penis in adolescence is not a cause for panic, it is possible that it is genetics or it is not yet time to amaze friends with the dimensions of a "buddy" and stories of sexual exploits.